Tuesday, August 2, 2011


OVOfest was epic.
We pretty much failed at taking photo's due to camera drama
and swooning over the performances instead of documenting it,
 but I will post some photos from ATF some highlights.
But basically, there was Drizzy, The Weeknd, J. Cole,
Rick Ross, Nas, Lil Wayne and.. wait for it... 
Stevie Wonder

My life was complete at that moment. 

I feel like he's the closest I will get to Michael Jackson level
seeing perform, live. It was even more amazing considering
we had been out having some vino downtown the night before and 
happened to end up a table away from Stevie Wonder.
 Two nights in a row, unheard of. 

Safe to say, I'm still on cloud nine.

OVO was great as you could walk around in different sections
yet the lawn ended up being our favorite, crazy view.


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